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Last updated at 16:17 March 31, 2010

Sensors installed outdoor at St-Hubert, Québec, Canada:

Sensors installed outside at St-Basile-le-grand, Québec, Canada:

Note: This sensor is installed near a Window and near a brick wall. This location is not ideal and suffers from many error sources:
1) The sensor is exposed to direct sunlight from the middle of the afternoon until sunset.
2) The brick wall absorbs heat and stays warm for some time after sunset.
3) Sometimes the window is open. Depending on the direction of air flow, the reading can be affected.
4) The neighboor's air conditionning unit installed in the window below may raise the temperature.

Sensors installed indoor at St-Basile-le-grand, Québec, Canada:

Temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure are measured using my USBTenki sensors
Wind speed is measured using my homebuild anemometer.
Graphics are generated with munin (